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Retro Affect - Snapshot is PlayStation Bound!
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Kyle Pulver
What's happenin, internet? It's time for some brand new hot off the press Snapshot news!

Snapshot is coming to the PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network! For more details about this stunning announcement, check out the official PlayStation Blog featuring a post by Dave.

Snapshot work continues as always, and we're still here working on it! Related to the announcement, we've joined forces with Jim Buck from Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment to tackle the task of getting Snapshot on the PlayStation platforms.

To make it super clear for anyone out there wondering, here are the platforms in which you'll be able to find Snapshot on in the next few months or so:

* PlayStation Network
* PlayStation Vita
* Windows PC (Steam, and Direct Sale)

Afterwards, we'll be releasing it on some additional platforms as well.

* Mac OSX
* Linux
* ????

I just also want to say thanks to all of the people out there that have been following Snapshot for the infinity years that it's been in development, and waiting patiently for its release. When we made the decision to go for the PlayStation platforms, we knew that it would be pretty tough and it would add a lot of additional work to the game, but we hope that in the end that it will all be worth it for us, and more importantly our players.

Until next time!

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